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Indisera is a limitless, data-science driven, SEO and Content Marketing Platform for Agencies & Enterprises. Crafted for the Best Digital Marketing Experts around the planet. Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Priced for scale.

Automated Research

Indisera's Competitive Keyword Discovery feature helps you to find most profitable keywords, topics and fresh content opportunities related to audience intent.

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Daily Audits

Track Millions of Search Rankings on a daily basis. Perform scheduled on-page SEO, crawl audits, and increase your SEO Visibility. Stalk your competitors' strategy.

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Get Actionable Insights

No More Guesswork! We can automate SEO Optimisation and Prediction tasks for you. Yes, it is a powerful toy, but don't worry, you have full control.  

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Increase Your Revenue

with All-in-One Enterprise SEO Platform

Complete Content and On-Page Optimisation

We know that keyword research process or merging huge keyword lists into small theme groups is a challenging task. Let our artificial intelligence take care of this task for you so that you can have all the work done by the time you walk into the office. Ditch messy spreadsheets.

Automated Competitive Keyword Research

Just give us your theme, topic, or your website. Our Intelligent SEO Platform will do the research task for you. You will get long-tail, niche keywords about your theme even you can't imagine.

SEO Content Optimization

Most of the time, users' search terms are different from the copywriters' ideas. Optimise your contents according to the Voice of Customers.

On-Page SEO Checks

Don't worry about being good in the eyes of search engines. Our SEO Audit Tool will check and report to you, immediately, hundreds of parameters that are important to your SEO Visibility.


Locations for Local SEO Rankings


Search Rankings Analyzed


Competitors Tracked

Improve your ROI 24/7

Google updates its algorithm more than 500 times each year, and your customers are searching on Google 24/7 for your products and services. Keep safe your top ranking, performing pages and your SEO Visibility against Google algorithm changes.

Competitive Intelligence

Outsmart your competitors and dig into their search engine marketing strategy. Our Data Science-Driven SEO Platform for Agencies and Enterprises will track as many as possible competitors you want to track, and it will give you unique feedbacks to outsmart them.

Content/Page Metrics

Track your competitors' best and worst performing pages and contents daily. Our Content Optimisation Tool will calculate best opportunities for you, every single day.

Search Engine Ranking Factors

With Our Predictive SEO Platform, you can also sense changes from miles away. You will get hundreds of detailed statistics about search engine ranking factors. You can even compare these factors for unlimited SERPs.


Indexed URLs Ranking


Websites Analyzed


Competitor Ads Tracked

Track your SERPs on pin-point locations

You can track countrywide, global, or even neighbourhood search results. It doesn't matter for our Unique SEO & Content Marketing Platform. You will get the most accurate and reliable SERP rankings on a daily basis.

Pin-Point Local Search Results

Our Data Science-Driven SEO Software can track SERPs at 100,000+ Locations around the planet. You can track SERPs for one of New York's neighbourhoods or San Francisco's one at the same time.

Search Results and Contents in Every Language

Our Platform is Language Agnostic. You can analyse and optimise your contents, SERPs, and keywords in every possible language.

Detailed SERP Data on Your Fingertips

Rich Snippets, Product Listing Ads, Search Ads, Local Results... Our Keyword Rank Tracker can give you as many as possible details you would like to see for both mobile and desktop. It covers all SERP details.

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